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Ads block like buttons.

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  • Ads block like buttons.

    So I was just browsing when I saw that some posts had their like buttons blocked by the sites ads. Idk if this is a problem with just me but here's a screen
    Spoiler Alert!

    Maybe put it somewhere else not in post area like here for example

    Spoiler Alert!

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    Your thread's title is a bit confusing. One would think it is about adblocks adn not about ads blocking like buttons. Change it if you can.

    That said, I have seen this too. When the post does have a ad after it, the like button is nowhere to be found.
    Another thing I have found out is that when you post (or edit) on the first page of the thread, when the page is reloaded, the like button reappears as the ad is nowhere to be found... If you reload it again, the ad shows up again, while the like button disappears. Weird.

    People could always give rep if the thread is useful, though...
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      @GreatCat what you said doesn't happen to me though, the ad always stays on the page and yea people could give rep but it's more for useful/helpful posts than posts that you like which is what the like button is for.

      Edit: actually I found out it does happen if I'm the OP it moves somewhere else instead though instead of just going away.


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        We like to like it! like it!

        I can also confirm this issue, I was about to make a new issue but first double checked and found this thread so...

        I find that the "Likes" panel on article row 1 of 10 in any given page is inaccessible when the banner img is used, this means we cannot like some posts.

        In the image proof below, green text label 1 shows post #6001 on row 1 missing the "Likes" panel (due to img at label 2??).

        Label 3 highlights post #6002 in row 2 of the page with the panel as normal.

        Spoiler Alert!

        Hope that helps some.

        Good luck.

        p.s. The "Rep" button is no substitute for the "Like" button because repping takes more effort where a "Like" action is a one click ajax call that is more often used.
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          This is a bug report that has been pretty much beaten to death at this point. We currently have 2 workarounds posted by members of our community.

          First workaround: [WORKAROUND] For missing button...
          Second workaround: Like Button Fix for non vip users

          Simply choose the one that works best for you.

          We are well aware of this bug and will hopefully have a fix for it coming soon!

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