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Meage fourm posts that are close together!

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  • Meage fourm posts that are close together!

    I was on another forum today and i saw a really cool feature that i think would be awesome to have on TI. I posted a new thread and then i wanted to post something else afterwards. I posted something right after i started the thread and my second post automatically merged into my original thread! I know many forums wont let you post a second post immediately after you started a thread. I think that this feature would be very cool to have on TI instead of having to edit your thread to add something at the end you can just post it and it will be added automatically.


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    So, you're suggesting that, if you are the OP, you want the second (double) post merged with the first one?

    Why not just edit the first post? Not saying your suggestion is bad, but it seems more of a comfort suggestion than a necessary one.

    Though, if it is easily doable, I am all for it, as I agree that it is a cool feature.


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      Yeah it is a comfort suggestion i guess. But i figure if its easy then it would make the site just a little bit easier to use.