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  • Tracker Poll ?

    I was thinking after someone said they wanted to know the best movie trackers out there about making a type of voting poll for favorite and/or best trackers under a specific group for example you would have something like


    You could go even further and start categorizing it by classical movies or classical music etc. I guess this would best be implemented as a sticky under either Bittorrent Discussion or Tracker Reviews or something else that fits it better titled 'Member Favorites' or something like that.

    In the actual sticky you would have the different categories listed like above with the top voted for tracker next to it and have each of them link to a web page with the actual poll where the list of trackers would be located and where people can discuss the trackers in question under that specific classification. The actual Category list would either be chosen and moderated by the staff itself or either the members or staff can make a list of categories, have everyone vote for which ones they would like listed and the ones that meet a predetermined number of votes get the OK. Staff Picks for trackers under any given category would also be a nice addition.

    Also thinking of making a comment section for when you make the actual vote for why you voted for the tracker that you did limited to a few words and then making the tracker names clickable so it would show a drop down menu of the comments and hide the comments when you click it again obviously. I don't know if the structure of this website would allow something like this though.

    This is just an outline off the top of my head so I may have missed something, I'm hoping some people who support this will expand on it.

    Edit: I'll edit this post when I have new ideas (like right now)
    To make the pages more attractive and professional instead of posting normal links, you could make banners for the categories, I would suggest to make banners for the trackers too but that would be too difficult seeing as how there's an endless amount of trackers out there.
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    I don't wish to put a downer on your day but this suggestion has been discussed to death. There is no such thing as "the best tracker", there is no facility to "rate" a tracker or give levels to them. Each persons perception of a tracker differs, each of us here join a tracker because it suits our needs and that is exactly why you should be joining one, not because it has 5 stars or because it won a vote. If someone wants to know what tracker is the best then they should do some research (starting with the reviews) and go from there. Having levels, ratings or votes only serves to put trackers on pedestals and then that promotes a collectors attitude not to mention puts a value on them (think about the trading side of things).

    Sorry but no votes, no stickies, no levels, no ratings or anything else that would give a value to a specific tracker.

    As for discussions about specific trackers, append your opinions to the reviews (if you are a member of said tracker). It is those comments that will help people decide whether a particular tracker is right for them. Tracker banners are available in the graphics section of the forum.


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      I see, oh well, it doesnt really matter i just thought it would be interesting to have something like that