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    I see a lot of interesting stuff in the off topic form, but nothing for mechanical or electrical engineers AKA GearHeads and SparkHeads respectively. I myself am an aspiring embedded systems engineer (just finished my second year). So, I do a different type of programming than most who participate in the programming section. I also work with ICs, basic components components and a whole different set of software such as MCU simulators circuit simulators digital logic simulators. Then there are the tools. DSOs, analog scopes, function generators, bench power supplies, Soldering tools, SMD tools, reflow ovens, CNC mills, 3d printers, and the list goes on. This could make for a very lively sub forum.

    I guess if I'm the only person with these interests it's not worth doing, but I would imagine I'm not. :)

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    hi mate
    no, you are not the only person interested in Engineering topics, but i think the site nature interested in topics useful for torrent persons such as encode we use to make torrents, and others public interest to every body
    But if the site admin add this topics, of course I will be happy
    Good luck and study will.
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      I'm interested, wouldn't be an active poster but would definitely reply to other posts. The whole point of allowing off topic posts is for activity and a team building of sorts, it will bring people with the same interest together and that's a good thing.

      I myself do not have any formal education, but started building electronics kits when I was younger. Today I can design some pretty neat projects, my last major one was a rackmount GPS disciplined Rubidium OCXO Frequency Standard, NTP server and nixie tube clock! Was my most challenging project to date, one of my more expensive too at $500.

      Besides that I mostly fool around with RF, building XCVR's and stuff.

      This weekend doing a weather balloon launch, with one of the most feature packed and lightest payloads amateur radio in Canada has seen to date.

      "Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more." - Nikola Tesla


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        That's awesome! One of the things I think is great about the engineering fields is that there are soooo many flavors. For instance, while I know what you're talking about when you describe your projects, it's not likely I could build one myself as I'm not an RF (or any kind of wireless) guy. That being said, it's nice to be able to lean on people with other skill sets when a project pushes you outside your skill-set. :)

        Also since school is out for the summer, I'd be OK with putting together some basic electrical theory tutorials. Think P=VI AND V=IR along with basic descriptions is active and passive components and common uses for them. Later I could do some middle of the road theory like mesh and nodal analysis of circuits, basic digital theory, how to read and interpret a datasheet, and many many other handy bits of information that get garbled and overly wordy on the rest of the internet.

        I think I'm actually a little excited lol.
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