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Suggestions should be free of feelings

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  • Suggestions should be free of feelings

    I'm new to this subforum, and after looking around, I've noticed sometimes moderators replying to suggestions in a disparaging way. It's almost as if some take suggestions personally, and react in a defensive manner. This section of the forum is specifically for suggestions of how to improve the site for all of us, so I feel like some of the egos should be tuned down a bit. To all the moderators doing a great job, and having a positive attitude in these threads (which I see as well!), keep up the outstanding work! Let's all work together to keep this community thriving, and thanks for reading my suggestion.

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    +1. However, [MENTION=171424]Shadowbuild[/MENTION] does not fall into this category, mind you.

    -- Senior member of the T-I community and a more senior member of the ethical filesharing community.


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      Originally posted by mtguy8787 View Post
      +1. However, @Shadowbuild does not fall into this category, mind you.

      -- Senior member of the T-I community and a more senior member of the ethical filesharing community.
      Thanks for the info! I honestly didn't pay attention to specific names too much, but I just got that sense after reading around some of the threads.


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        I personally hate each and every moderator, I think they should all...

        Well, back on topic. You're never going to get the bias out of human interactions, especially since some of these mods personally probably did something to enact the policies or choices which you are disputing or looking to improve, Yes, mods should be impartial, almost never will this be completely true, and confronting them about it will probably not help due to the nature of the topic.

        ...Am I banned yet? >.>


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          I'm not being at all specific with it. This site will be run the way they see fit, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I believe that if you open the floor to suggestions, however, you shouldn't discourage them.


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            Hmmm... this is not really a suggestion, its more of a pop at the staff but nevertheless moving on ~

            We don't discourage suggestions but we would like you to do your research prior to making one. We have nothing against people putting forward ideas that will improve the site but you must understand that many of the suggestions that are being put forward have already been discussed to death and for whatever reason have probably been declined, thats not to say that we are opposed to revisting idea's but there is nothing more frustrating than going over old ground using the same old arguements as before.

            With regards to some of the comments being viewed as disparaging, I can't speak for the others but I will admit that some of my replies have been direct and emotionless but unfortunately that can be one of the side effects of factual and experience based replies. If I have hurt anyone's feelings because of the way I have replied then I apologise but I can not promise that it won't happen again.

            What I will say though is each and every suggestion that is put forward is looked at and if it is successful then it will be implemented but if it is not then please do not take the rejection personally. The staff here have been on this site a long time, we know the history, we know what works and what doesn't (the T-I radio being a prime example), we know what has been tried previously and IF a suggestion gets declined then its usually for a good reason and that reason is usually explained. What doesn't help is people going off in a huff because we have said no and then going on to make blogs and posts about how they were mistreated.