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Minimize option for the " What's Going On? " tab?

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  • Minimize option for the " What's Going On? " tab?

    Hello there,

    I find it weird that the tab mentioned above didn't have the option or the "arrow" to minimize, even the "Posting Permissions" & "Additional Options" tabs too. May I know if it's suppose to be like that?

    I have the habit of minimize those tabs that I don't want to look at often and to shorten the number of scrolling too.

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    Apologize for my ignorance but I simply could not understand what exactly that you are looking at or what modified. Perhaps some pictures will help


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      Don't scroll so far down then if you don't want to see them?
      They are always at the bottom, so if you stop at the last post or topic you can save yourself some scrolling and use that saved energy for other things...


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        The Posting Permissions tab does have the option to minimize for me. But the What's Going On tab is at the bottom and I don't understand how it could get in the way of anything. You don't have to scroll that far. If it's easy to do, I don't see why not but it doesn't seem necessary.


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          I understand that you have a preference for how you'd like to have the tabs configured. But you should not expect that every site will have the exact same customization options. It would be analogous to saying that I don't like that my Samsung phone has a different appearance than my iPhone. Maybe so, but there is no reason to expect that they will be identical. And the behaviour may vary somewhat between browsers as well.

          That doesn't mean that your idea couldn't be implemented, but we don't have a huge team of programmers, so minor and subjective layout changes like this are necessarily not a big priority. We want to concentrate on resolving conflicts or adding features that are in high demand.

          Fortune and love favour the brave .-. Ovid ....