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A link to a How to be patient tutorial

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  • A link to a How to be patient tutorial

    A pretty straightforward suggestion. A link to a How to be patient tutorial in the intro thread's first post. Also some emphasis about the big picture could be used.

    An example.

    Expect to spend about 20 minutes reading the rules, creating a screenshot proof, and then submitting an introduction. Be patient and realize that it may take a few hours for someone to respond. Try to see the big picture. If you create a good intro someone will upgrade your rank from Starting to 10%.

    NOTE: Starting members can still participate in most of the forum. However, you will not be able to request or give away invites, seedboxes, or tracker bonuses until your introduction has been accepted. The introduction process is designed to protect our members.
    My two cents...

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    Nice one i really like it


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      I think it should be an automatic rejection of an application if they in any way, shape, or form complain or question about how long the "process" takes. But then again my wife calls me a mean old bastard.


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        I love this!

        I think that I may use it on my intro-replies as well... haha


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          I've taken a look at the new introductions people submit and i got to say that i was a bit disappointed. It seems like they're in such a hurry to get in here that they don't even read the first part of the intro thread, i find this to be a certain lack of respect when you're joining a community and you're not taking at least 5 minutes to read the rules and read a FAQ. So i'm pro this suggestion, but i also hope that the new applicants will find time to improve their applications and at least read the freaking rules.
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            Excellent recomendation and very informative for new members , to give them an better choice to invest their times while they wait for the introduction to be approved. Thanks...silentninja

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              I am defently putting this into my intro replies now, it will probably enfuryate some (those will not last long here anyways) but for the vast majority it will make them stop and think.
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                I'm game for this. It really is a very good idea and I think would save us quite some trouble

                +1 from me as well

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                  hahahahhaha true that +1 from me too :D


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                    really great idea


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                      Great idea, silentninja. People could definitely do with some more patience around here.. :P

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                        It's a good idea silentninja. I'm sure that some members will benefit from a better understanding of how the process works. Of course some people simply have no patience and will miss or ignore the advice, but that doesn't mean that it isn't worth doing. Cheers

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                          Silent Ninja, thats a very thoughtful idea. These admins here work extremely hard, and its important for all of us that they keep up the good and diligent work that they do. Otherwise, this site wouldnt be so amazing and informative. Also, but just letting anyone in of course it would put the site at risk. So reminding the new people that there are real people with actual lives sorting through everything, would be very good.