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Problem : Error loading operating system !!

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  • Problem : Error loading operating system !!

    Hi Guys

    I tried to install windows XP on my PC, but after the boot menu and copy windows files , then the computer restart and it supposed to continue installing after the reboot , but it doesn't and give me a massage that says :Error Loading Operating System any one know the solution , please help thanks in advance

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    Originally posted by barca511 View Post
    ii Guys

    I tried to install windows XP on my PC ,

    but after the boot menu and copy windows files , then the computer restart

    and it supposed to continue installing after the reboot , but it doesn't

    and give me a massage that says : Error Loading Operating System

    any one know the solution , please help

    thanks in advance
    This may help..
    BIOS does not properly detect the hard disk drive.
    update the computer motherboard's BIOS

    1. Verify the hard disk drive is detected.
    2. Try changing the "Access mode" on the hard disk drive to Large or LBA. This setting may vary depending on the type of BIOS.

    Information not my own was off a website.

    which you can view here for a better look

    hope this helps.
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      This shouldn't be in this section,moved into the Help section


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        Is this a genuine windows setup disk or a home burnt image. If its a home burnt image you may find its as silly as a bad burn. Try redoing the disk and see what happens.


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          I think you need to give us more information such as your motherboard brand, make, other hardwares installed such as RAMs, CPU, etc.

          From the sound of your issue, I'm sensing more of a hardware issue or a bad installation CD. Before you installed XP, what did you have on it? Did you have any issues? Did you make sure you met all system requirements to install XP in the first place?

          If you have not solved it, please post more details.


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            A while ago, when Fedora 12 came out, I upgraded from Fedora 11, but I couldn't load Windows Vista from Grub, and so used a Windows Recovery CD to restore the bootloader (yeah stupid.) When I booted the computer on, the only thing that showed after the BIOS screen was a black screen with the same or similar error message. (I fixed it by reinstalling GRUB from a LiveCD.)

            Perhaps you could try reinstalling the bootloader from a command prompt using a Windows Recovery CD, or simply try the install again.

            Do you have multiple partitions?
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              All hard drives have lifetime.and it's good to check hard drive state from time to time.i use CrystalDisk Info. it's a free ptogram,but it help you to check hard drive state,wich could be good,bad's helped me to save all my info before my hard drive has died. it's just one advice.


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                man give me your details about your pc:

                -name of your motherboard and its (p2, p3 or p4) (p=pentium)..
                -HDD its ATA or SATA..

                -how many is your RAM (512mb, 1gb, 2bg...)..

                -your cd windows is original or copy (image)..

                - is BIOS properly detect the hard disk drive ?..

                please answer in this and mybe i can help


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                  If you get Error loading Operating System after XP restarts:
                  • Using your Windows 7 installation disc, boot to the command prompt at startup.
                  • Type in these comands below, and press enter after each one.
                    • bootrec /FixMbr
                    • bootrec /FixBoot
                    • bootrec /RebuildBcd
                  • Exit the command prompt and restart the computer.
                  • At this point, Windows 7 should boot up the same way before trying to install XP.
                  • Continue to step 8 below and run EasyBCD from Windows 7 instead.

                  Source: Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP - Windows 7 Forums

                  Another way, and this is how I did mine on my laptop when Vista was out and was slow. I slipstreamed my disk, which means preloading the install disk with SP3 and all the drivers i needed to have my laptop work properly right after the install. Use a program called nLite to create a slpstream disk, there are a bunch of websites that can help you with the making of a slipstream disk.

                  Also when installing XP in your BIOS settings in your harddrive settings it needs to be set in ACHI mode to for windows to properly recognize a hard drive on your computer
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                    I believe if you follow the information that's already presented by all the other helpful people here you should find and solve your problem.

                    Here's the official low-down from MS support.
                    "Error Loading Operating System" Error Message When You Restart Your Computer During Setup


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                      Hey Man

                      This problem can also be caused by your computer trying to boot from a USB stick

                      Make sure you havent got any USB Removable Media attached to the computer



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                        Try to format your HDD with aditional soft like Partition manager, or delete all partition on hdd, u find this on hiren boot cd, and then install windows. HDD must be on first IDE or Serial ATA slot.


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                          I agree with Imma - could be the HD's on the way out - just did an install for someone and chkdsk wouldn't go past 45% turns out the hard drive had to many bad sectors eventually BSOD and a slow lingering dead HD


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                            Reinstall your XP or repair your windows Xp from the boot disk.
                            this is the only option you have now.


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                              I believe your MBR is corrupt.
                              Try fixing your MBR with a
                              bootable CD.