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  • Question Regarding Links

    I'm thinking of hosting a fun arcade high score competition to giveaway some invites. People would post screenshots of their high scores in MAME. (The arcade emulator.)

    Am I allowed to post links to the emulator and rom in the giveaway post? I'm not sure what the site rules are regarding that.

    Can I post a link to the mame website and to another site with the rom? Can I post a link to a rapidshare download with the complete package? What's allowed?

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    Nope, you may not direct members to any pirated/warez materials. It's completely against T-I's policy. Many members were given infractions, temp banned, or permanently banned for this so I'd advise you not to do so.


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      What about linking to a torrent site that has the pirated material? Surely that's allowed - there are links to torrent sites all over the place. Thanks for the heads up by the way. I want to avoid getting in trouble which is why I'm asking first. :)


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        Haha yeah, there's that grey line. T-I is here to provide users access to torrent sites and indexes that hosts their torrents at various locations. We cannot provide members with direct links to pirated materials.

        Basically, you can't even ask where to download said materials so linking users to them will probably get you banned.


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          Ok so which of these are acceptable? I don't like grey areas - I want black and white. hahaha

          You need some rom to play this. You can download the official rom from:

          Option 1: Pleasuredome (with no link at all)

          Option 2: Pleasuredome (linked to the main site's homepage)

          Option 3: Here (Link to the torrent info within Pleasuredome)

          Option 4: Here (A link to a website's homepage where they can directly download the rom as opposed to torrenting it)

          Option 5: Here (Link to Rapidshare with the file)

          Option 6: Here (The rom is an actual attachment of the post)
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