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    Hey guys, I haven't been very active since I went on vacation, then royally screwed up my laptop trying to dual boot a hackintosh and Windows 7.

    Are there any trackers that are dedicated to web development and/or graphic design?

    I'm interested in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web design related tutorials, graphic design.. that kind of stuff.

    I know I could probably find some stuff on the low level trackers like Demonoid, but I'm just wondering if there are any. Something like [GFX].

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    I am actually looking for something similar, there has to be something out there.


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      you can try bitme, docspedia and other e-learn trakers but i dont know a dedicated private tracker.You can try templatep2p but thats warez
      would be good to find out others :)


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        DOCS has some really great torrents on web development ranging from videos to ebooks. According to this year's list, there aren't web development or graphical design dedicated trackers.

        Good Luck


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          Member of


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            Thanks acela and mayafx. I couldn't find the "Thanks" button on your guys' posts, so I'll just say it here.

            I'll check out Docspedia and bitme, and bttrove.

            I am already a member of TemplateP2P, but they're mainly focused on scripts and template distribution, which I can do myself. I am in need of resources, such as frameworks, graphics, and tutorials.

            Thanks for the responses though.


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              Hi Lithium,
              As Acela told you, you can find what you want on Bitme. But that's quite difficult to get an invite to this tracker (there are a few one in the MidLevel GA section).
              Another good one for this is BitSpyder, invites are availables in the LowLevel GA section.
              In both trackers, don't quickly jump on the torrents you want, but first try to buffer your account with freshly uploaded content.


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                Yeah, I learned to buffer only after the hard way xD

                Now I know why I can't "Thanks" you guys any more. I'll just have to build up rep here :).

                Thanks for the help guys.

                GFX says it'll open it's invites 2nd of February to 4th of April, so mark your calendars.

                Are there any other good sites?


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                  Well all the websites that the previous guys mentioned are cool, but if you want to develop general purpose websites you can use Content Management Systems, such as Joomla. Just grab the latest ebook you can find and dig in :)


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                    Joomla? Bleh, I don't use premade solutions. I code all my stuff up by hand. I just want some trackers that offer resources and such.

                    I've played with Joomla before, and to be honest, I don't really like it. It's way too bloated.

                    Thanks for your comment though.


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                      Gfxnews issues an invite code every 60 minutes.Thats how i got my acc there :)
                      try there you will find only books - huge collection - and its well worth it (links not torr)
                      also try :: documentation search engine thats very useful - for me at least :)


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                        Thanks for that. I find it hard to get an invite code there. It's like people are sitting there all day hitting refresh!


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                          about GFX invite code
                          here a very easy way to get one right on time
                          read this Get into Private BitTorrent Sites with Tracker Checker 2 | TorrentFreak , get the program and put - and then put the string you want to search
                          i ve put "free invite code" - negative
                          this program checks every 1 minute for changes and displays on your taskbar if it did
                          that way you will know right away when the new code is issued
                          if you have any questions about this feel free to Pm me
                          good luck


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                            lith: I noticed you said your in templatep2p, is that a bittorrent tracker??


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                              No, it's HTTP. They use file hosts such as Rapidshare and Mediafire. In some ways it's good, but there are some draw backs as well.

                              I got a GFX account now, I'm pretty happy with it.