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    Being good at intending is basically fifty percent of what makes you a much better CS: GO Player ( The various other half is game sense, map knowledge as well as team play.

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    It is a pretty simple game, but I like it. It helps me to relax


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      You're right! In cs:go, you not only need to be able to shoot, everyone shoots well at the professional level, but only those who can think to win, do you agree? However, I do not follow the scene in cs go so much. I like to trade skins more. But now, it has become much easier to sell and exchange skins because sites allow you to do this. And some people earn a lot of money on trading. That is, now the cs:go has turned into a business project that can bring you solid money. Do you have any friends who are engaged in trading? Well, thanks for the information, man. Good luck to ya.


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        I have a lot of skins in cs: go, do you think it's worth selling them, and where can I do it?


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