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Do you mind if I vape?

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  • Do you mind if I vape?

    At the time of writing, a request like this sounds rather odd, but it could become increasingly common if the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes is anything to go by.

    because e-cigarettes are a relatively new phenomenon, there has been little independent research into their impact on health, and so the jury is still out on whether vaping is genuinely less detrimental to health than smoking
    Though it's certainly not the most attractive of words, vape seems to be emerging as the term we've chosen to represent the action of using an electronic cigarette, more commonly known as an e-cigarette and also shortened to e-cig. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that provide inhaled doses of nicotine through a vaporized solution. The process of smoking an e-cigarette, known as vaping, mimics smoking a tobacco cigarette. Many e-cigarettes are therefore designed to look like tobacco cigarettes, some models even incorporating a light at the tip which glows orangey-red when the user sucks on the device.

    Though e-cigarettes have existed for a number of years, their popularity has gained momentum in 2013, galvanized by more widespread manufacture and availability. E-cigarette smokers, correspondingly dubbed vapers, are often using the device as an alternative to nicotine patches or other methods of 'quitting' conventional cigarettes. Others are former smokers who choose to vape because they believe it to be a far less harmful alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes, the latter sometimes humorously described as analogue cigarettes by analogy with other technical advances (e.g. analogue versus digital cameras etc)

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    It is a time for e-cigarettes friends and I also don’t like to use a manual cigarettes. You can also try DAB Pens. It is Wax pen vaporizers which gives you original and pure taste. I have a great experience with this vape pod.


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      Hello! I use marihuana oil, which is the healthiest of all! It can be drunk and added to food as a supplement. It's very convenient, I love experimenting with food. Butter gives an unusual taste to salads. Sometimes, of course, I drink it a few drops a day, in the mornings and evenings. I love that it improves sleep!


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        Vaping is not so bad for the health at all


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          Vaping helps to calm down. I also prefer to use different methods like browse around this web-site where I can read a lot of interesting information about last events concerning CBD, what is the best solution to treat for your health etc.