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  • Can not enter for giveaways

    Hi ! Can anyone tell me why i can not enter for any giveaways? I have submitted my introduction a while ago now and have not heard anything from any member of TI

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    Hey, the problem is that even if you take the time to complete and submit your introduction, there won't be someone to review it. I am really really sorry, but sadly the T-I has suffered a lot and there are not people around to help it. If you're starting your BT journey now, I would advice you to go into other forums but not TI forums. All others TI are not legal in BT and even having accounts there could give you a global ban. Our T-I is the only one with serious rules etc, but again trackers don't like giveaways we are.

    I would advice you to apply at The Pirate Society or other legal BT forum and start getting first official invites from there.

    Take care.

    (and for real, avoid all other Torrent invites forums with giveaways, join t p s or take the Redacted interview)


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      its take time


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        The article's blog has a list of data that can also share the member list with the help desk among the formation to take. Groups that need to part with filters so I need to take research paper help with the latest post that can be present with the arts to make this.


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