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How to make introduction and where to put it?

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  • How to make introduction and where to put it?

    Hello, i need some help. How do I make an introduction? Can anyone show me an example? And where should I put it? I haven't found a location to post introductions in this forum. Thanks.


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    Torrent-Invites General Rules
    You are expected to read and abide by all the rules listed within Torrent-Invites Rules.

    Your Torrent-Invites username MUST be different from any name you use on a tracker. Do NOT sign up with the same or even a remotely similar username. If you need a name change, you can change it by clicking here --> Change Username. You are permitted to change your name twice after which you must contact a member of staff. Do NOT create an intro until your name change has been completed!

    Trading Rules
    The definition of trading for the purpose of Torrent-Invites is as follows:
    The act or attempted act of selling/buying or exchanging one invite/account for another invite/account OR the giving/receiving of an already registered account.

    The selling/buying or exchanging of invites/accounts is NOT permitted here, nor is the act of giving/receiving accounts. Invites must be given freely with nothing demanded in return. If you have traded or attempted trade in the past, you must promise to stop in order to join Torrent-Invites. Anyone caught trading or attempting to trade here or on another site after joining will be banned.

    Secret Intro Password
    This is our way of verifying that you thoroughly read these rules. The secret password = callipygian

    BitTorrent Client Statistics Proof
    We only require a BitTorrent Client Statistics screenshot to join this forum. The proof must be a FULLSCREEN image of your entire display (browser and taskbar at the bottom of your desktop). Do not use a program that only captures the browser's window. For detailed instructions please refer to our BitTorrent Client Proof Tutorial.

    Speed Tests
    Run a test on from the closest available server then select SHARE THIS RESULT. When the result shows up, you will have to press the second tab on the results, the IMAGE one (next to the WEB one) and press COPY, then paste the result in your introduction form [The proper result must have a png in the end].
    The test must be run on your home computer to the nearest server. Do not take the speedtest from your seedbox, VPN, or through a proxy service - it must be from your residential IP address. Using a proxy to create duplicate accounts will result in a ban.

    Short Answers
    Giving thoughtful, complete answers will greatly increase your chances of being accepted quickly.

    Bumping / Double Posting
    This site automatically merges all double posts made within 24 hours of each other. Wait 24 hours to bump your thread.

    How do I submit my introduction?
    You must fill in the introduction form that is provided in the very last post of this thread. Your speedtest and BitTorrent statistics proof must be submitted in the introduction form not as a thread in the Starting Member Lounge.

    How do I contact a staff member?
    You can either submit a help ticket with the Contact Us Form or talk live with someone in our IRC Help Channel


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      THe problem is that even if you take the time to complete and submit your introduction, there won't be someone to review it. I am really really sorry, but sadly the T-I has suffered a lot and there are not people around to help it. If you're starting your BT journey now, I would advice you to go into other forums but not TI forums. All others TI are not legal in BT and even having accounts there could give you a global ban. Our T-I is the only one with serious rules etc, but again trackers don't like giveaways we are.

      I would advice you to apply at The Pirate Society or other legal BT forum and start getting first official invites from there.

      Take care.
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