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  • AutoMove and FTP Help Please


    I am trying to automate the transfer of new files from a seedbox to my PC. I do not have admin access on this seedbox, so cannot install any server-side syncing programs. The seedbox provider will not install anything at all, so I must use existing tools. I am using CuteFTP Pro on my PC to schedule a one-way sync of a folder on the seedbox, which works fine. However, if that sync task begins while a file on the seedbox is still downloading/being written, it will sync an incomplete/corrupt copy of the file.

    To get around this, I have attempted to use the AutoMove component of RuTorrent to create a soft link when a torrent that matches a given label completes. Unfortunately and inexplicably, it seems that the link is created immediately when the torrent download begins, rather than when it is complete. This leads to the same problem I initially had- the sync task starts downloading the file, even if it isn't fully downloaded yet.

    So, I have two questions:

    Is there any way to get CuteFTP (or another FTP client, I'm open to alternatives) to identify that a file is still being written and skip it during a sync task?

    Is there any way to get AutoMove to only create a soft link when the download completes?

    Either one of these things will resolve this issue, and any help would be much appreciated.