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  • Bittorent PeerID

    Hi, would anyone hapen to know the exact Peer ID Conventions for the below client versions?

    aTorrent 2.x
    BitTornado 0.3.17 / 0.3.17s
    BitTornado 0.3.18
    btgdaemon 0.9.x
    btpd 0.13
    btpd 0.15
    btpd 0.16
    Deluge 1.2.x
    Deluge 1.3.x
    Halite 0.4.0.x
    KTorrent 4.0.x
    KTorrent 4.1.x
    KTorrent 4.2.x
    KTorrent 4.3.x
    KTorrent 5.0.x
    libtorrent 0.11.x (rtorrent)
    libtorrent 0.12.x (rtorrent)
    libtorrent 0.13.x (rtorrent)
    libtorrent 0.16.x (rtorrent)
    Mainline (BitTorrent)
    qBittorrent 2.x
    qBittorrent 3.x
    qBittorrent 4.0.x
    Transmission 1.54
    Transmission 1.7x
    Transmission 1.9x
    Transmission 2.0x
    Transmission 2.1x
    Transmission 2.2x
    Transmission 2.3x
    Transmission 2.4x
    Transmission 2.5x
    Transmission 2.6x
    Transmission 2.7x
    Transmission 2.8x
    Transmission 2.90
    Transmission 2.91
    Transmission 2.92
    Transmission 2.93

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    Actually, I know the exact Peer ID Conventions of BitTornado 0.3.18 software. I am pleased to get this website to write my technical papers on time. These ID conventions are stored in my device but I am unable to send them. I do think that there is some sort of technical issue associated with this discussion forum.