Hello! So I have had this working before ... havent used it for awhile and now its not working.

I have registered the nick|autodl on IRC and grouped it with my site name.

I have followed the guide on BTN and nothing is working. The guide here has no images now.

I have tried everything. Email.. no email.. announce channel .. no announce channel... 6667 port 6697 port with SSL checked... 6667 port and the force ssl downloads off.. etc

I do have the right torrentpass and authkeys in there under trackers.

nothing is working and I am wondering if anyone here has it set up and knows what to do.

When I go on to IRC my nick|autodl does not show up when I do a WHOIS ..

every single change I made I restarted the IRSSI plugin.. the other two sites rejoin every time .

I cannot get this to give me the monitoring deal.

staff there say help with it much and I have no idea what else to do at this point.

Thanks again!