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Why is activity viewable without logging in?

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  • Why is activity viewable without logging in?

    I recently realized that someone who is not logged in can view member activity, including posts. Is it intentional or an oversight? It seems like unnecessary exposure for the members here. What if, for example, a private tracking site identified a member who they believed to be giving invites out on this site. It would be a simple matter to line up the invite dates to the invitee and drop the ban hammer. Have I missed a positive utility? Right now, it actually has me scared to post in request/offer sections. Even with my "personally identifiable" data scrubbed, a persistent admin could put the public data on this site together pretty easily.

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    Yes that is indeed a serious problem. Altough it probably isn't to hard for a site operator to get an account here, having everyone and his grandmother including search engine crawlers rolling around our giveaways probably isn't the best idea.


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      My concern exactly. While a site admin could join, write an intro, and spend hours of his/her life to gain access to the forum, I'm generally inclined to believe that they have better things to do. The search crawlers are an exponentially bigger issue IMO. My TI profile is #5 on Google when searching for this made-up-and-not-used-anywhere-else name. And clicking my name shows everything I've ever done here. Including this post. Hi spiders!