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Download speed issue when my seedbox uploads public tracker torrents

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  • Download speed issue when my seedbox uploads public tracker torrents


    I noticed a issue with my seedbox. When my seedbox uploads public trackers torrents, at any speed( around 1 to 8 mbps most of the time), my download speed drops to 6 or 8 mbits/ sec. And when i pause these torrents, my download speed go back to normal ( 25 to 50 mbits).

    I contacted the suport of my seedbox to solve the problem. They didn't know what to do so they migrated my server. Then, I thought the issue was solved but no, since yesterday this problem keeps happening again.

    I want to know how to solve this problem without pausing these torrents if possible.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Excuse my english, it's not my first language

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    Seedboxes do not usually allow public trackers and if they do they tend to throttle the torrents; Public tracker torrents tend to have extremely high usage so seedbox companies discourage seeding public torrents, they are also much more likely to get DMCA and copyright violation notices. If you must seed public torrents, look for a seedbox provides who is okay with you seeding public torrents.


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      So public trackers have a high use of your seedbox, that's why it can restrain your download speed for example if i understand well. I am aware seedbox are not really made for public trackers but i was trying to be nice to these people by leaving the torrents active. Most of the time i download a torrent from rarbg because they have episodes of tv shows before my private trackers. But if I want to keep my download speed i guess i don't have a choice but to pause these torrents which use a lot of ressources.


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        Hi Vincent,

        Using a Seedbox with Public trackers is not a good idea. As [MENTION=166636]achls[/MENTION] above mentioned, they will consume bandwidth like crazy and most seedboxes have a fair use policy.
        There is also a higher chance of your Seedbox company getting a DMCA warning.

        In case you still like to give back to public trackers, please reduce speed and maximum uploads. The options are available in rtorrent UI and tutorials are available here in TI. Please do know that you carry the risk of getting a DMCA notice if you seed public trackers.