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  • IPTorrent account lost


    I used this forum to get an invitation to iptorrent. Everything worked well and I had a good ratio.

    However, I was hit by a car last year. Since this, I have problems to remember passwords.

    I lost my Iptorrent password. I know I can make a new one by email but I forgot my email password...

    I tried to search for a .torrent to get my access key but my computer empty my folder automatically...

    So here I'm now, I can't get my password and iptorrent staff can change it without my access key.

    Is it possible to ask again for an invitation on this forum ?

    Now I use a password manager to avoid this kind of problem.

    Thank for your help.

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    You could try something like Recuva to try to find and restore an old torrent file containing your key.


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      You will not be breaking any rules asking for a second account here, As long as there is FULL disclosure of previous accounts and your reasons for loosing them.

      IPT is an easy tracker to get into and as you're not using the same email, i personally many problems with invite


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        If you have linked your email to a phone number, or a different email that you still have access to, you can try to recover your email password, as well ipt afterwards.
        "Never trust anyone too much, remember the devil was once an angel."

        ~Kaneki Ken


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          Sadly recover software didn't work :/

          And no I hadn't link my account to phone number or other email.

          I hope find an invit even with this problem :(


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            Maybe, irc chatting channel, you can solve

            As I know, there is an irc channel address below iptorrent web site.

            It starts with #

            And so on, you can connect with irc chat

            You must ask ipt. Administration or staff
            About your problems.


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