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torrents are not downloading so need help.

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  • torrents are not downloading so need help.

    Hi I am Rupesh from city Hyderabad which is in India and I want to download 15 torrents which is of size 100 gb. The sizes of all torrents is greater than 15 gb and one particular torrent is of size 53 gb.

    Previously I mean 4 years back I have downloaded a number of torrents without any problems but at now I am unable to download atleast one torrent which has greater seed's and leeches. Previously I have downloaded torrents with 10 Mbps internet connection but at present I am having 40 Mbps internet connection. I think that government in my area is placing total restriction on downloading any torrent without considering what the torrent contains I mean copyrighted or un copyrighted.

    I know some websites like which offer streaming and let us download whole files of torrent as zip file. The sites like zbigz place restrictions on torrent size from 1 gb to 2 gb.

    I heard we can download torrents using VPN, proxy etc., and so I have installed express VPN on my Android phone and selected my area in it. Next I launched app atorrent which is torrent downloader and added some torrents but I am still unable to download them.

    The files present in torrents are not copyrighted I mean they are free to download and if you don't believe I am ready to provide torrent link so you can examine. The files present in torrents are purely spiritual videos and mp3 files.

    Please suggest how to download torrents using vpn, proxy or any other way. If you don't mind please stream the data present in the torrent and then upload the contents as zip file to internet as zbigz does. If you agree I will provide the torrent link after that I will download zip file.