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  • Help with auto-irssi filters

    I just reinstalled my box with this script and everything was fine, or so I thought.

    I've configured irisii to use this filter list for grabbing items we watch in the house. ie.

    Blindspot*,Blue?Bloods*,Broken*,Bull*,Chicago?Fire *,Chicago?Justice*,Chicago?PD*,Chicago?Med*,Code?B lack*,Colony*,Containment*,Conviction*,Criminal?Mi nds*,Crisis*,Designated?Survivor*,Doubt*,Frequency *,*Hawaii*,Grimm*,Halt?And?Catch?Fire*,Hells?Kitch en*,House?of?Lies*,Homeland*,How?to?get?away?with? murder*,Game?of?Thrones*,Intelligence*,Last?Week?T onight*,Lethal?Weapon*,Lucifer*,MacGyver*,Madam?Se cretary*,Manhattan*,Law?And?Order*,Major?Crimes*,M om*,Motive*,*NCIS*,Notorious*,Pure?Genius*,Private ?Eyes*,Ransom*,Ray?Donovan*,Rosewood*,Quantico*,Ri zzoli?And?Isles*,Salvation*,Scandal*,Scorpion*,Sha des?of?Blue*,Shark?Week*,Shooter*,Snowfall*,Suits* ,Taken*,The?Americans*,The?Assets*,The?Big?Bang?Th eory*,The?Blacklist*,The?Night?Shift*,Tosh?0*,Trai ning?Day*,True?Detective*,*UFC*,Unforgettable*,Vik ings*,WestWorld*,

    I use:

    Resolutions: PD,720p, 1080p
    Encoders: xvid, x264
    Sources: PDTV,HDTV

    Everything else is left blank. I've used this setup for years. Suddenly, if I use this setup, irissi will only grab one release per title. If I clear out all the resolution items and what not, I get everything caught plus the kitchen sink.

    I do not have smart episode checked.

    Anyone know why this is happening? Is one of my filters messed up?

    I've included the following images as well:

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    I was instructed that if you don't put any value for "Match Sites", no matches will be made.


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      Originally posted by hookthem View Post
      I was instructed that if you don't put any value for "Match Sites", no matches will be made.
      Yes, hookthem is right. In the "Match Sites" field you have to add the site from where you are taking the torrents. If you click on it a drop down menu should appear and you can select it from there.


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        I have a filter for Blindspot not had problem with this setup
        General - Blindspot
        Match Site - Wherever download from
        Min size 500MB
        Max size 5GB
        But of course depends on Format your after regarding size.

        Every other box empty

        Resolution - 1080p but again your choice
        Encoders - h.264, x264
        Sources - WEB-DL\

        Match Categories - *TV/x264*,*TV/Web-DL*
        And thats all i have set to and as i said for me works fine.