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    probably the wrong place to ask but where does a guy get uploaders or upload bots? trying to get a site going a was wondering if there is such thing as scene access anymore or feeds to upload torrents to my site?

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    Hmmm... I can't answer directly, but I may be able to help you find an answer. My suggestion would be to hit up a general, private tracker or another tracker with a lot of scene releases. Someone in the chat there may be able to point you in the right direction.


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      I don't think you are allowed to download from a private site and the upload the content on another, so you might need some ftp access for the material you want.

      However I know a lot of people who takes the torrents from other sites that have a good pre-time


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        If you modify the torrent so the infohash changes, downloading torrents from another site to upload to your own shouldn't be a problem (obviously you need to exchange the announce URL)


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          I didn't see web site such as scc

          I used to use lots of torrent web site.

          SCC was the best site for me.

          It was only one for me.

          I also trying to find out another site instead of SCC.

, waffle for music
          Bit-HDTV, RevTT. For TV. Movies. Drama.
          Torrent Leech for various a little bit same as SCC.


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            Best bet in the long run would be to try get access to a topsite. Albeit that might take considerable effort on your part. In ages long gone it was much simpler, a garage full of CD duplicator towers and crap loads of CD-Rs.
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              The problem is getting the content; creating a torrent and uploading it to a tracker is just a matter of a few lines of scripting.

              Proper access to "the scene" is through topsites. In essence they are high capacity servers operated by highly secretive people from which all scene content from groups such as SPARKS, GECKO, etc. at some point came. This is where releases are "pre'd" before making their way into P2P networks such as private bittorrent trackers.

              Topsites are under heavy siege by law enforcement all the time, so you're not likely to find anyone willing to admit they're affiliated with one. That would would require a great deal of trust from their side. You don't call them, they call you. That said, the easiest point of entry, I'm guessing, is finding a courier group somewhere on the darknet willing to "leak" content to P2P (most of the warez scene hate P2P).

              A much easier solution, which I suspect most new torrent sites use, is to leech content from another site with good pre-times as soon as it comes available. As of right now, the sites with the best pre-times for general/0-day are AlphaRatio, RevolutionTT, XSpeeds and DigitalHive.


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                Stumbled across this: Janhouse's Torrent Auto Uploader.

                Torrent auto uploader by Janhouse automatically downloads torrents from fast 0day/hour trackers and uploads torrents to your tracker.
                Sound like what you need


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                  Originally posted by epicdavid View Post
                  Stumbled across this: Janhouse's Torrent Auto Uploader.

                  Sound like what you need
                  Good luck with that autouploader. Janhouse stopped supporting it years ago. I wouldn't recommend it. Your best bet is to hire a scripter or coder so they can create a uploader for you.


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                    Although theoretically not impossible, it would be extremely difficult in practice.