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Quick question on renting servers I have spare

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  • Quick question on renting servers I have spare

    I hope that this is OK to post here as it is the help section.

    I have 3 servers from that I am no longer using as I have upgraded to different servers.

    Before I just return the servers to I am wondering if I would be allowed to advertise them for rental on the forum?

    As the setup fees for are added when renting a server from them I am just wondering if anyone would be interested in renting them from me on a monthly basis without any setup fees.

    I don't want to get rid of them if someone could use them and save a bit of money, I would not be looking at making a profit on them just so the cost is covered per month.

    Any help if this is allowed to be done would be great.


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    I think general discussion or off-topic threads can do. If you wanna gain more attention, make a seedbox out of your server and advertise it on the seedbox section.


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      Thanks for the reply stb.

      While I would be happy to install any OS and/or any seedbox script onto the servers I don't really want to get into advertising as a service.

      It's more that the servers can be used by someone as they see fit and unless there is a real technical problem I would prefer that they used them un-managed.

      So that if they wanted a server even only just to try for a month or so without having to pay any setup fees.



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        I know this isn't what you are looking for, but I just want to say thanks from the commuynity. People like you who share are the reason we are thriving. Thanks bro!