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ruTorrent Download automatically to NAS ?

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  • ruTorrent Download automatically to NAS ?

    i have a seedbox from tal0ne and im wanting to send me torrent downloads directly to my NAS (QNAP TS-453A)

    Is this possible?
    its not ideal copying files over FTP to windows PC, then copying to NAS

    thanks for any advice

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    I use resilio sync, and that works really well. Takes a few minutes to install on seedbox, and nas, and configure to link folders. Means that my PC is not involved, direct sync between NAS and seedbox.

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      Can you run any software on the NAS? You could try BTSync or Syncthing, I have used both of them.

      If you only have the ability to run software (even FTP) on the windows PC, can't you just map a drive on the windows PC that points to a NAS share? That would be the windows PC downloading directly to the NAS.