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    I have received this email:
    "Hello, I am reaching out to you in order to alert you of the way that you are using your network bandwidth. If you look at your Graph, you will see that your network bandwidth is always reaching the maximum allowed. Your guaranteed bandwidth is 300 mbps and you have exceeded it 479 times for server ******. We can't allow you to continuously stay at this level of usage, so here are three solutions you can use : 1) You can reduce your use of network bandwidth and come back to a reasonable level with the help of additional tools such as Wondershaper on Debian 2) You can limit the bandwidth to 1Gbps or 100Mbps, to do this you have to modify the settings of your network card to accept only Vous some modes. 3) You can subscribe to the Higher bandwidth service in Server > Server List > Manage > Service Level & Options > Higher bandwidth. The higher bandwidth option allows you to use more than your server's guaranteed bandwidth and thus benefit from the maximum bandwidth technically possible on your server. This functionality is subject to technical constrainsts of our infrastructure. This service is made for servers with high bandwidth needs. (Higher bandwidth - 79.99 excl. VAT /month) If you don't choose any of this possibilities, we will have to slow down your server in the next 24 hours."
    Ive got a Dedibox LT 2014 and my Statistics:
    Any help?

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    Well, 52TB of outgoing bandwidth seems like a bit too much.
    Yeah, I know, it says "Unlimited Bandwidth" but we all know that does not exist.

    If it helps, I have a XC 2015 and my monthly bandwidth normally is 3TB in and 15TB out and I never had any warn or contact from them.
    I think the best you can do is capping your rTorrent/deluge to your maximum Guaranteed Bandwidth speed at least for a few months, I wouldn't pay that much for Premium Bandwidth on a 30-40 server.