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How does elapsed time work with tracker ratios?

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  • How does elapsed time work with tracker ratios?

    Sorry if this is the wrong area for the question. If it is I will delete and repost.

    I am trying to understand how my overall ratio is viewed by trackers when their rules are either download and then seed ratio 1:1 or seed for 24 hours whichever comes first. After 72hrs of seeding there has been zero uploaded. My torrents show as seeding in my profile but the ratio is not good due to this large file I downloaded. As the rules say I only have to seed for 24hrs and I have tripled the time is this normally included in the calculation for my overall ratio or am I better off waiting until I hit the 1:1 even if it takes months?

    What do you generally do in this situation?

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    Depends on each tracker and their systems. The 24 hour rule is most likely there as a standard hit and run rule. If you don't seed for at least 24 hours it counts as a hit and run and you are penalized for that.

    You want to seed until you reach 1:1. However; some sites have a bonus system to help you out. Usually with a bonus system, you receive a set number of bonus points for every hour you seed a torrent. Then you can exchange your bonus points for upload credits to improve your ratio.
    Eg: You download a 1gb torrent. The bonus system gives you .3 points every hour and you can exchange 75 points for 1gb upload credit. 75 points divided by .3 = 250 hours. 250 hours = 10.4 days. Therefore if you seed for 11 days without anyone seeding from you you will have a 1:1 ratio after exchange.

    Like I said though, every site is different. Go through the rules of the site and read up on the tracker seeding system.


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      Thanks for the response. This is what I was thinking and now the bonus system makes more sense to me. I will seed until I run out of space or it hits my ratio target. I was just worried that I would be smacked down .


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        Also remember most trackers have set intervals that they update to show what you've downloaded and uploaded. A lot of trackers only grab this info once per hour as it is processor intensive so always leave ur client open to make sure you dont miss out on upload you've created.