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  • some help please

    So im new to this site and i had a few questions. first does anyone know of any good sites for xbox 360 torrents. second if anyone knows of any software that will improve my pc (my first build) that would be awesome. third does anyone know how i can improve my internet speed im downloading at less than 1mbps and when i run my speed test its telling my im downloading at 7mbps and that still sucks lol so again please help!!!

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    1. IPTorrents is a decent 360 source. With GG and BCG gone there honestly are no good 360 game sources.
    2. Improve in what way?
    3. You're probably getting M(Byte)ps and M(bit)ps confused. Or the place you're downloading from isn't capable of maxing your connection.


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      no im maxing out at 7megabites p/s and thats hard line not wifi


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        i just checked iptorrents and its invite only


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          So do you know what the max speed your connection is even capable of? There is no way of magically improving it, unless you can buy an upgrade.

          Yes it's invite only, isn't that why you're here?