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Seedbox usage on Feral

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  • Seedbox usage on Feral

    Hello I am on Feral and I noticed that it doesnt have the idsk space on the bottom left of the screen in my Rutorrent seedbox. Now I know that Feral has a usage stats that you can add but its pretty bad.

    Does anyone know how to install the standard disk usage that you would see on something like or I cant seem to find anything like it at all.

    Thanks for anyhelp

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    Why don't you ask in the feral irc channel? Maybe they will help you.


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      I have and they all keep recommending SSH or the one through Feral How to guides ... which that one is pretty bad. I am looking for as close to the original as possible . like you would see on seedhost or seedboxes.. I really dont get why it doesnt come with it .. seems like something that should just be there