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inadequate deluge stats plugin - plz help!

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  • inadequate deluge stats plugin - plz help!

    Hi All,

    I am running windows 7 and my bittorrent client is Deluge 1.3.12.

    First I couldn't find any stats in Deluge required for many invites on here and then I installed a stats plugin which works but doesn't show upload/download ratio.

    I have successfully installed a stats plugin (Stats-0.4.0-py2.6.egg) but this only shows live traffic graph like uTorrent.

    Can anyone shed some light on this? Is it possible to get these stats using Deluge?

    I have an old screenshot of my stats using another client will members offering invites accept these?

    Help with this would be appreciated, thanks in advance

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    Try here ....

    Total traffic: [Plugin] Total Traffic - Page 3 - Deluge Forum


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      Many thanks SUpper. This plugin works fine - it shows total session downloads/uploads and total overall. BUT The thing which is missing is the ratio stat, is there any way of getting that? Don't suppose it matters.

      More importantly my download/upload at moment is showing 11.4Gib/16Gib, I'm assuming it's only counted the download/upload GiB since I started my last session. I have exited Deluge and fired it up again and the first stat resets (session data) and the second remains (total data) - Is it possible to retrieve all the data from the last 12 months?

      Again thanks for the pluggin - these are small creases I'm trying to iron out. :)


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        I'm guessing that's because the plugin started counting as soon as you added it, could that be right?

        And unless you're talking about a seedbox proof, when applying for an invite you don't have to send in a screenshot of your torrent client, you have to send a screenshot (properly edited) of your tracker profile, there should be the stats of that specific tracker. Here is written what needs to be left out, and just check other peoples' ratio proofs to get an idea. If you aren't a member of a tracker yet, but just public trackers, you should join a tracker that has open signups, build up a ratio and then apply for a private tracker.