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    Can anyone please enlighten me regarding the below.

    - I see some seedbox websites write 100Mbit and 100Mbps. what does Mbit and Mbps mean? Whats the difference?
    - Some say 1 Gbps Unlimited --> What does this mean?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi there rawky,

    So, 100Mbits means 100 megabits per second. That's equal to a transfer speed of 12.5 megabytes per second.
    100Mbps is the exact same. Both mean a transfer speed of 100 megabits per second.

    1Gbps is gigabits per second. That's a transfer speed of 125 megabytes per second.
    The Unlimited means the bandwidth, to say, the amount of data you can transfer. Most data hosts with limits on bandwidth offer unlimited downloads but metered uploads, but it's advisable to check with the host before buying.

    Now, if the speed was say, 100MBps, with a capital B, that would mean it's in megabytes per second, and as such, would be a speed for 100 mebabytes per second.
    The same goes for say, 1GBps, which would be a transfer speed of a solid 1 gigabyte per second.

    Most hosts, however, will display their speeds in bits, and rarely bytes.
    As a guide, you should only buy a seedbox with a transfer speed of 100Mbps (or 100Mbits) or higher.


    8 bits = 1 byte
    100Mbits = 12.5MB/s
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      Thanks a lot for the informative reply, :)

      The explanation helps a lot.


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        Simple math:

        1 byte = 8 bit
        100 Mbit/s = 12.5 MByte/s download speed


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          Originally posted by rawky View Post
          - I see some seedbox websites write 100Mbit and 100Mbps. what does Mbit and Mbps mean? Whats the difference?
          To be perfectly correct in this case, there is no difference. They both mean the same thing. The denomination of the max speed value differs, but both the max speeds offered and what the writer of the text intends to communicate to the reader is the exact same thing.
          It probably says more about the lack of rules and standards when denominating speeds in the hosting industry then anything else.
          Speedwise for you it means torrents download speed go to max 12 MBs in the torrent client :)