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  • Creating torrents

    I have a few questions about creating torrents, fellow TI members:

    I've been reading that it's best to create torrents of 1000-2000 pieces. What do you think about that advice?

    I've been using the create torrent ui in rutorrent for convenience. However, that wont allow me to create pieces big enough to get 1000-2000 pieces if the torrent is big.
    For example creating a 100GB torrent would need pieces of 50-100mb in size to follow that math and rutorrent allows for a max of 16MB chunks.
    But is it even a good idea to be creating larger pieces?

    What do you use to create torrents on your seedboxes?

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    i use utorrent and use the advised settings. or rtorrent on my seed box.


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      Mostly I use 256 KB piece size because I usualy upload small torrents. Movies, tv series and stuff.
      When I have to upload a bigger one like a complete series, depending on the GBs I use bigger piece size.
      I think the biggest piece size that I have used is 2MB.
      Of course the torrent file will be much bigger than a torrent with 4/8/16 MB piece size, but a friend explained me that is better for the peers the torrent to be created with small piece size.


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        regardless be carefull not to violate any tracker rules be sure to close the file correctly and with all the tags as required by staff mate


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          Originally posted by h2point2 View Post
          i use utorrent and use the advised settings. or rtorrent on my seed box.
          utorrent is a good option for sure. I'm using it & it's going good with me

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            trackers usually have how to/faq guides, that might be a good source of info


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              vous avez raison, ce guide est une bonne source d'inspiration tout comme un site de confiance.
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