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Cross seeding in rutorrent

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  • Cross seeding in rutorrent

    Hi fellow TI members.

    I've succesfully been cross seeding some 100 % identical torrents i rutorrent. When adding the second torrent I just point the data to where the first one was downloaded to choosing fast resume and it almost immediately starts seeding without downloading the data again.

    However, I'm having a problem when the second torrent is identical EXCEPT for an additional info file or vica versa. I've tried doing a forced recheck but it seems to get stuck at 99 %.

    I've read some of the posts about cross seeding here on TI and other places but haven't been able to solve the issue so far. Can someone advice me here?

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    This has been answered before and there is tutorial provided by a TI member as well but since you know cross seeding but having a problem I will try to help you.
    Just follow these simple step.
    1- when you add .torrent file that you are going to use for seeding, check don't start downloading automatically.
    2- When .torrent files has been added , go to -> File -> Priority and check don't download all the files except the main file ( .mkv or .avi etc ) when the file is downloaded it will show you 97, 99.x %
    3- Now when you add the .torrent file that you downloaded from example. TL etc , Brows to the directory and check. ( don't add torrent's name to the path and Don't start downloading automatically )
    4- When it is loaded start force recheck, it will pause after force rechecking, now click start, it will download very small portion like nfo , sub or sample and it will start seeding with out problem.
    I hope it will help if not then come back and please state exact problem.


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      [MENTION=351328]Macadod[/MENTION]: Thanks for trying to help. As I said I did read some posts in here. I read a tutorial from TI as well but didn't find a solution which is why I started this thread.
      However, I managed to sort it out. The tip about to not starting the torrent at first and then not starting any missing files is great. I think it was related to that.