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    I gave up cable tv a few years ago and since then, ive been going from a random streaming site to another, always disgusted by the amount of spam present there.

    I tried to search for some place private, thinking it would be a more reliable source of live tv for sport events, tv shows and stuff like that but i cant find anything like it.

    Well, does such a place even exists ? (i would be surprised if it doesnt lol)

    Btw, im NOT asking for anything but information here :)

    Thanks (and sorry if im breaking a rule :/)

    EDIT. Worst part of random streaming sites being the AWFUL quality :'(
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    Try Kodi (aka XMBC), afterward install addon(applications), which allows you to stream videos or live tv shows.

    I'm currently doing this for my parents so they can watch international live shows without paying.

    Hope this helps.



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      [email protected] said, try Kodi it comes with all the add-ons for Movies, TV if you want to stream alive. But understand this streaming live TV through KOdi you gonna need a good PC with Prper resources because streaming live through Kodi takes lots of system resources network bandwidth etc..
      I'd suggest you to buy a IPTV it comes with 100 of channels and that would solves your problem I think. Google it research read it check the sites and then decide. Think that's good idea, dont you agree..


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        Kodi (XMBC) is recommended, friend is using it long time and all works good


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          +1 Kodi

          And if setting up for parents, a cheap way is to use one of those android boxes.


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            def kobi, few other webpages may work but they are full of spam etc etc.


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              Kody but configured as well, and a good pc specs, for my parents i use plex to watch films and tv series


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                i recommended also
                Kodi (XMBC)