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  • Help finding something?

    I am looking for a very hard to find video file. It was created by someone working on a commercial for AllState Insurance (a number of years ago) and showed 53 takes of a commercial that all had problems. The footage was briefly on YT, then removed. Any thoughts on where I might look would be appreciated.


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    Check the following links and Google it for more results and info

    Watch Videos Deleted By YouTube | Megaleecher.Net

    Find and Watch videos removed from Youtube


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      Well, I can't answer your question, but in general, questions about where you can find content aren't allowed on T-I. I realize yours is a relatively harmless question, but you should be careful since the material is probably technically copyrighted.

      From the rules:

      • Do not ask where to find copyrighted materials, such as a specific movie or game. For instance, do not ask us where to locate "Pulp Fiction". T-I is strictly an invite forum - what you do with those invites is your business but T-I cannot support or encourage piracy of any kind.