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How to connect my trackers?

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  • How to connect my trackers?

    Hi guys,

    This is probably a super noob question but can I, and if so how do I connect my trackers to this site so that users can see my ratio? I've done a couple searches but found nothing on this subject. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    This isn't something that generally seeds to be done. Each torrent file will contain the info needed to download and talk to the trackers.

    Are you seeing that something that doesn't seem right? This might just be a confusion of terminology.


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      Hi moonm8trx and welcome to our community!

      To answer your question: if you apply for an invite (most of the time) you have to post a ratio proof, which is an edited screenshot of the home page of one of your trackers. In this way your potential inviter can see your tracker stats and can decide if they are good enough for his particular GA. After your intro was approved you can apply for invites in the 10% invite forum. Until then I recommend you to have a look at the FAQ as there are many thinks that you have to consider here, in particular if you apply for invites..

      Sharing together - now and forever


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        cfpe is right, i mis-read what you were trying to do.


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          Thanks for the quick feedback guys. I thought there was a way for me to link my trackers to this site so that everyone can see my ratios. Now I understand! Thanks!