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Cross seed - Help me, Iīm about to be baned

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  • Cross seed - Help me, Iīm about to be baned

    This topic has been talked about thousand of times but I canīt get my heas around it.

    CASE 1
    I searched on Google one of the latest releases from TL that have more leechers than seeders, in this case removed
    I searched the exact torrent name with double quotes hoping it would return an exact match, like this removed

    Question 1: Is this the best way to search for an exact match or is there any better way?

    I downloaded all files from a public tracker, the content in this case is:

    According to the fle info at TL the total size should be 654 MB and the content:

    Question 2: This is not an exact match, is it?

    CASE 2
    I did a google search for removed

    File info at TL is:

    The content of the .nfo file (text) is exactly the same in the file as in TL.

    1 Stopped utorrent from seeding to the open tracker
    2 Downloaded the .torrent file from TL
    3 Add it paused to utorrent
    4 Point the file location to where the files were downloaded
    5 Clicked on Force Re-Check
    ... but the Checked % goes up to 100% and the Done bar stays at 0%

    Question 3: Why on earth this is hapening?
    Downloaded files are located @
    Download > removed
    Download > removed

    Question 4: Do I have to point utorrent file location to Download only or do I have to point it to Download > removed?

    Question 5: Is there any accurate way to searech and download torrent from open rakers that will match those of the private? I tried searching on google for the hash which seems unique but it doesnīt return results.

    Question 6: Does it matter if a torrent is downloaded with transmission and cross seeded with utorrent?

    Thans for your help,
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    1: Not the same. the original scene release split in to RAR files, the publix file is the result of extracting from the rars
    2: someone or something messed with the mkv along the way, no match
    3: this is how uTorrent and/or the torrent is configured, i don't use utorrent so not sure exactly what the setting looks lkie
    4: you need to tell utorrent which directory to look at (ovoride default) or creat copies or had links to the files. The private source is likely not going have anything appended to the end of the directory
    5: no
    6: ni

    5.b: Not sure what you are trying to do but pushing open tracker content back to a private is generally frowned upon.

    If you are trying to build your ratio I would suggest working on some freeleech torrents to build up a buffer or zap any hit and runs you may have.


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      At this point, you're better off using IPT or TorrentDay. They get all the scene releases that TL does, but are easier to maintain your ratio on.

      If you really want to stick to TL, just download the sample files from CAM videos or .nfo files from any torrent and seed just that for a while.. That's how I got started.


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        Any scene tracker like SCC or TorrentShack or theGFT should get the exact same scene releases so that should be where you get your cross-seed material from.


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          Originally posted by achls View Post
          Any scene tracker like SCC or TorrentShack or theGFT should get the exact same scene releases so that should be where you get your cross-seed material from.
          scene time and torrent bytes used to be easy to get into as well


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            [MENTION=344979]gigantrix[/MENTION] there is to be no discussion of copyrighted material here on the forums. all references to copyrighted material have been removed from your post. please be sure to follow this rule in any future discussions. thanks.

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              Thank you for all your recommendations, very much appreciated.
              Also, apologize for the reference to the copyrighted material. It was an honest mistake from a beginner.


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                I did managed to get one public torrent to cross seeding to TL, yeah!
                However, I've got another one which got a 99.9% match. Basically, the main large video file matches 100% but a couple of small files like .srt .png etc. donīt. Can I delete those files from my local drive and add that torrent downloading only those files that donīt matching in order to have an overall 100% match?


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                  should be able to move/copy over the files from the complete one and force re-check


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                    I either donīt understand your answer or I didn't explain myself properly.
                    Iīve got a torrent downloaded from an open tracker made up of these files:
                    movie-name.mkv = 100% match
                    movie-name.nfo = 0% match
           = 0 % mach

                    Since the bigger file matches, I'm wondering if I could add TL .torrent to uTorrent client and select to download only those files that donīt match which are very small and wonīt affect ratio.


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                      You should be able to to that. What I do and just did on my utorrent was downloading the to trackers inn different folders, I stop the torrent I want to cross seed. When the other one i finished I copy that file to the location of the torrent to be seeded and then force re cheeking it.

                      So what you want to do, should work.


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                        Actually, thatīs a good idea. Thanks a lot!!!


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                          find the latest tv boxsets that are on torrentleech and download the same from other trackers...and cross seed...thats what i have done


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                            things you should care about : releaser, size and number of files (rar or no rar )
                            must be the same whatever you'v got the source to be cross seeded on other trackers.

                            sometimes the problem is about files directories cuz it happen that torrent 1 create a folder no as much as your be seed new torrent
                            so just move the file to main directory or just rename the folder container

                            best regards


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