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Unable to seed/upload anything.

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  • Mickey_D
    First things first.. That is a blacklisted client on a lot of private trackers so that could be part of your issue. At any rate be very careful using a client like that because apparently it's blacklisted for a good reason. Which could result in you getting banned.

    deluge is known for being aggressive when uploading I would try that client it's also white listed pretty much everywhere. Just check the version numbers on your sites.

    If that doesn't help rent a seedbox for a month or two to build up a good buffer. That was one of the best decisions I ever made when I started out.

    Don't get too discouraged started out it seems tough but it gets a lot easier. You will learn tricks along the way. like what to download and when to download it to give yourself some upload credit.
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  • Hearts
    Maybe look into getting a seedbox? this way you can download the file from the seedbox server and let the server do the uploading.

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  • OstrihonMichal
    started a topic Unable to seed/upload anything.

    Unable to seed/upload anything.

    I can not seed. I am behind like 5 routers by my ISP, so port forwarding or UPnP is useless.
    Is there any other way to be able to actually seed/upload? Like a special torrent client?
    I can download just fine, I have downloaded 46GB files in 3 hours or 1GB in 5 mins.
    Like once a day someone manages to connect, but he gets disconnected ASAP.
    I tried Tixati client and it reported, that my computer has refused the connection.
    It seems to me like my torrent career has ended, before it has even started.

    I have Windows 8.1 x64, an optical LAN connection, updated drivers.