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VLC crashing on my Macbook

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  • VLC crashing on my Macbook

    Hello guys. I'm using a Macbook Pro Retina 13". Recently, every time I open a tv show or movie, my VLC will crash on the first try and then it will work when I try it again. I don't know what is causing this error. It's just annoying that it keeps crashing. Anyone have a clue?

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    which version of VLC do you use?

    i think at OS X the complete settings file for VLC is named org.videolan.vlc.plist or something like that.
    try searching after in it spotlight and move the file outside the folder and also delete the vlc folder (can be found in Library:Preferences).
    if it solves your problem just delete it afterwards, if not copy back and your settings are restored.

    did you try removing VLC an reinstall it?

    generally, VLC is called a bit unstable at OS X,
    alternative is mplayer, you could install it anyway for testing.

    if crashing still exists try to monitor your processes with activity monitor or else.


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      I have windows and I like to use VLC, but doing the latest update I experience program crashes NOT at the beginning or during movie play but when i try to close the app which is hilarious !!!

      Anyway...if you experience more serious crashes than that on your Mac and still want to use VLC maybe you should try visiting their forums and ask around about is possible that your problems may be solved by downgrading the version to an older one

      It is also advisable to check what causes the crashes because there could be a codec conflict if you installed a codecpack or the driver to your video card could be having problems or be outdated

      Also try to eliminate the posibility of memory hogging by other programs running during VLC play if you are multitasking

      Don't know how Macbooks manage processor or videocard heat problems but its a good idea to look into that as well


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        Try a clean install and update to the latest version.


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          Try deleting the preferences and starting with a clean setup. To do this, simply delete the directory "~/Library/Preferences/org.videolan.vlc/" while VLC is *not running*.


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            have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling ... ?


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              My first choice is always VLC. However, when VLC isn't up to the job, Windows Media Player Classic usually is. Between the two of those I've never been let down.


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                without error logs and more OS information Maybe include information about what you're trying to play (container,codec,...) I fear no one will be able to say something really useful.
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