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  • First tracker advice

    Hi, I'm new to private trackers. I was chosing my first tracker from where to start and I have some difficulties.
    After reading a lot of reviews about OpenTrackers (I have nothing to show as ratio proof to get an invite to anything better) I picked two with a lot of good comments, one general and one movie (IceTorrent and UHDBits).
    I tried to look the the files they have to offer but both trackers have almost 0 leechers and more than 5 seeders already on any torrent (I've downloaded also a couple of movies I was interested at but, of course, I uploaded 0B so far).
    I was wondering if anybody had some advice about what tracker to chose to begin with.

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    IPTorrents is a great, easy to seed tracker. It has basically everything you need. Here is the full review.

    I understand it may be difficult to get in without a ratio proof. Heres what you can do - PM me and convince me to give you an invite. Make me confident you know what to do and will maintain a good ratio. I''ll also give you some basic tips to start out.


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      Everything that Legend said is true. IPT Torrents was my first private tracker after getting back into the scene after only being apart of wrestling trackers. Whilst you could PM Legend, if for whatever reason you don't get an invite just keep looking around in the 10% invites section. I managed to get an invite to IPT without having to have an ratio proof (thankfully as I didn't have one to show) and since have managed to maintain a good ratio.

      However if Legend doesn't give you a invite, make sure you research and learn to understand the whole business about ratios, hit and runs and uploading as they are all useful to survive on private trackers!

      Lastly, welcome to the world of private trackers! :)


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        IPT will be the best choice for you in private trackers
        you can find almost what you seeking for with great no. of peers


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          Couldnt agree more with what has been said.
          Lots of FreeLeech.. plus on top of that Its probably the ultimate tracker for being able to get a ratio even if you hit the torrent late. You haven't said if you are planning on a seedbox or just using your home connection. If you are using your home connection then your speeds may be a key to whether anyone will risk giving an invite via PM.
          If however you plan on a seedbox (they can be extremely cheap nowadays) then you will have no issues whatsoever. Also if you do choose this route but are unsure about how it works then you are in the right place. We are mainly a pretty friendly bunch on here and there is always someone willing to help and advise.

          One final thought about IPT. It really is so crammed with stuff that there are very few other trackers that will be on benefit to you (with the exception of specialised trackers for Music,Anime.. etc) Once you are in on one tracker and have achieved a decent ratio its fairly easy to become a tracker collector it is however totally pointless.
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            If you're into ebooks and audiobooks, MyA is great tracker and seeding there is very easy as well. The bonus system allows you to exchange bonus points for upload credit. Also the folks their are extremely friendly, and sometimes they give newcomers bonus points simply for joining.


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              +1 for IPT.

              If you're interested in music, you can't go without WCD but that's another story :)


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                As the rest of the people suggested , IPT is the tracker to start off. it will cover most of your needs as it is a general tracker with a variety of content and the ability to 'clear' a hit'n'run with bonus points in the rare occassion that this happens. Your next best alternative is TorrentDay which is the sister tracker of IPT. Similar content, easy to seed and cross-seed, and they don't bug you with donations


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                  I would also look at ratioless trackers like RuTracker & Demonoid.
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                    IPT and TD and the best one to start with xD


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                      TorrentDay, it is easy for seed and you can get invite easily. I was started with (public tracker) until I figured how to use private tracker and I get torrentday invite.


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                        I would, in fact, suggest WCD to start out with, though I'm not sure as to what their policy on noobs to the scene is. Maybe go to their help channel on IRC and ask before attempting the interview.
                        Anyway, the reason I am suggesting this is, that, firstly, you are not depending on another person to invite you nor will you be banned for another person's misbehavior. Secondly, What.CD is a great route to take in order to get onto a ton of other awesome trackers, including but not limited to PTP, GGn and BiB. Last but not least, What.CD is the best music tracker out there by far and that's a fact.

                        On a side note, the owner of IPT, TD, Speed.CD, and a few other trackers (it's the same guy) is greatly disrespected in the private tracker scene, because he has been caught steeling peers from other trackers and then proceeded to DDoS those who called him out. Also he is making money of his trackers with questionable procedures to get people to donate.

                        So, if you have been looking for an alternative to what the majority has suggested here, there you go.
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                          A throwaway general tracker is a good place to get your [email protected] wet. Use it as a means to learn the basic rules of a private tracker and how to get your software properly setup. Then after you've gotten your rookie mistakes out of the way, make your way over to the niche trackers and use that general tracker as a backup. Some have already been recommended, but the ones I would endorse are TS and bB.

                          Good luck


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                            I suggest you TD and IPT. cuz they are easy to seed.

                            Thanks to Hearts , mate88 & pb_teo for this awesome avatar and signature.


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                              As many others have said i would suggest IPT or demonoid as someone mentioned earlier :)

                              Good luck friend!