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Are we allowed to post requests in the give away forums?

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  • Are we allowed to post requests in the give away forums?

    I find the give away forum quite hard to use, especially when people are posting codes for torrent sites, and I don't know what they mean.

    Could I post a request thread: eg. 'Looking for a bollywood tracker, do you have any invites?'.

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    There is a request section for requests. You need to be 33% or higher to make requests. Here are the rules for the request section.


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      This is a decent place to look for what those 'codes' mean. As well as other relevant info and reviews.

      Figuring that out should be a bit easier than getting up to 33% and getting access to the request section.


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        To answer your question from the title: No, you are NOT allowed to post requests in the giveaway section.
        However, as NDSeed said, upon reaching 33% you will be able to access the request section, solely created for the purpose of requesting invites.
        I wouldn't advise you to post a request asking for a tracker with the very broad description of being a "bollywood tracker", because the rules are that you are not allowed to post in a request thread unless you are offering to fill said request. There are no exceptions to this rule whatsoever.
        If you are looking for something very specific you should try posting in the help section to get people to help you.
        Also, the tracker review section can be helpful when looking for a certain type of content.
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