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  • Assign with quality

    I currently want to assign all my movie..

    May I get some suggestion..

    I want to know from xMbps - xMbps
    is the medium quality movie, HD Definition movie, and low quality movie.

    I only want to rearrange bluray RIP movie that I download from most public tracker including Yify. I got most Blu-Ray disk & Remux here

    Where x = number

    I do so, just for collection. Since sometime my friend copy some movie from me but they doesn't want BluRay disk movie because of file size too big.

    Okey, My question is:

    From xMbps-xMbps the movie quality rating? My opinion 1 - 4Mbps should be Low, 5 - 9Mbps Medium & 10 - around 15,16,18 Mbps, should be high..

    I know a bit confusing, I got a lot of Yify movie,, that great watch on computer but when I play on HDTV I feel wanna punch my TV..

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    Hi mate
    From my previous experience there is no accurate range for this, because some new action movies has too much graphic which need high bite rate
    So, I solved this issue that i download movie from well known groups that has very good encode rules
    Finally, Good bite rate between 5-10 Mbps +It is better to choose 1080p if you plan to see movie on TV
    Good Luck
    Special Thanks to T-I stuff,rinvite,Thanks For Inviters:Deadgrand,Carsonsdad,Hendry,Toptorrent,Phar123, Siltek,Shaina,Muckcase,Andrelik,lazlo2112,guardian ,robby,mr_man,hugel,N1ck,


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      Not only the bitrare make a movie to be high quality stuff,sure you are right the bitrare dictate pretty much the quality of the encode also you ca take a look of a print from movie to see if looks good at different bitrates