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How to proof seedbox with uTorrent

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  • How to proof seedbox with uTorrent

    I have a windows server seedbox that is working with uTorrent.
    It works 24/7.
    So I want to use a proof it as a seedbox.
    But there are not tutorials in the invite giveaway guide.
    There are just rutorrent, transmission, and Deluge.
    How can I proof it as a seedbox ??

    Thank you for reading my thread.

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    The seedbox proof instructions are general. You should be able to use them to create a proof from any BT client. The proofs below the instructions are only examples. Just make sure that the necessary information is visible on your proof and that sensitive data is not.

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      I am grateful for that reply.
      Thank you.


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        There are, I made it mylself


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          Well, I must resurrect this thread. I have recently signed up for RapidSeedbox and it says it has 4 clients pre-installed and ready to use with web UI's (ruTorrent, uTorrent, Deluge & Transmission). I've always used uTorrent on my home cpu so I know it and prefer it (just on a familiarity basis). I want to be able to join my first private tracker but can't find anywhere on the webui of uTorrent to show stats. There is no help button like the standard client. Anyone able to help with the seedbox proof on that?


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            @Aldrych There are a couple of things to note:

            1. Have you informed the person you are asking for an invite that you had a previous account on the private tracker? YOU MUST do this!
            2. Seedbox proofs do not necessarily require that you show your stats. Just open your seedbox and take a screenshot according to the guides. (this is different that the one you submitted during your introduction process. Read more how to apply for an invite and how to post a screenshot of your ratio or seedbox here.