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What does this icon?

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  • What does this icon?

    Hi TI!
    Maybe you will find my question weird, but I wanted to know

    What is this headphone icon for?

    Here's what happens when I click on it

    Hope you won't find this thread stupid or useless.

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    T-I had a radio before but it isn't active anymore.


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      It is actually not true that T-I has no radio anymore. Connect to the T-I IRC and join #T-IRadio. Correct me if the channel name is wrong.
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        Originally posted by Rakknah
        Join IRC, Commands for the radio are: .dj (Displays current DJ on radio) .np (List what current song is playing) and .listen Brings up the stream link click that and it should play with your media player, if not download VLC media player and it will work for sure.
        ATM the server is offline.

        The chan for the radio is not #T-IRadio but