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Cannot create introduction + Cannot join IRC channel for Help. Frustrating.

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  • Cannot create introduction + Cannot join IRC channel for Help. Frustrating.

    Hello again community i received this message some days ago let me manually quote it.

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      Originally Posted by SigmaEx
      Contact Staff
      Hi Staff, recently , no more than a few weeks ago, i tried more than lets say 10 times , to create the introduction thing that one may require in order to join your site. But for some crazy reason i couldnīt figure out i kept clicking the buttom to send it tried multiple times , filled all fields... and nothing happened. Maybe you are restricting access. But please just let the people know about it because i was trying several hours without success.

      Thats all thanks

      Kind Regards

      Hi SigmaEx,

      I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles submitting an introduction! Do you get any errors when you try to submit an introduction, or does it just not work? Could you please try using a different browser and/or a different device?

      Please let us know how you get on by making a reply in this thread, and it if you still having problems, don't worry as we can make an introduction for you manually. :)

      All the best,
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    • June 29th, 2014, 11:05 AM #3
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      @SigmaEx I need to know if you are still having this problem. Can you come onto our help channel on irc if you still are and call me out so that I can assist

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    The thing is im still having the same issue i canīt post introduction so i canīt join the community, i tried to access the IRC channel but it kicks me out saying my nickname is not registered on the network, i did the registration thing but nothing happens.

    Iīm getting the message

    Still im filling all fields correctly so i donīt get it. i donīt know what happens. Already tried different browsers, Chrome, Mozilla and IE the most popular ones. And i already tried to add one more character like 100 times and it would still require one more character. Kind of buggy

    I really need some help here.

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    Welcome to T-I. When you get into irc , you will be kicked out of the main channel only and will be forced to join the help channel, which is what is required. Please seek staff's assistance in help channel and whosoever is online atm you log in help channel ,they would help you out. You might have to wait a bit in case no staff is online there, as it might happen. Hopefully your issue gets sorted soon.



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      @SigmaEx you need to come onto irc follow rav1 instructions and once on the help channel ask to speak with an Admin
      only the shadow knows the evil in the hearts of men


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        Canīt get you at the right time.

        I believe its going to be very difficult for us to synchronize. I've been trying to get to you since more than 2 weeks without success. :S

        Anyway thanks Rav1 and Administrator for the quick response, Appreciate it
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