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'Tracker reply has no peers field' error

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  • 'Tracker reply has no peers field' error

    Hi Everyone,

    I am downloading some stuff from public trackers. I am getting the message 'Tracker reply has no peers field' for the popular trackers like Open Bittorrent. Although it shows the number of seeds, I don't think it is able to connect to them and the speed is slow. The problem does not occur with Private Trackers. My ISP is torrent friendly so it is unlikely that they are blocking it. If anyone has faced a similar issue, please advise.

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    What client you use ?


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      i guess thats a utorrent bug, it only happens when a certain tracker uses UDP and utorrent cant deal with it. are u sure that happens general on public trackers? i would doubt that
      How to become a Power User on specific trackers


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            This might be an Open Bittorrent issue. Have you tried using UTorrent or other torrent softwares?


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