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What happened to CGpeers

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  • What happened to CGpeers

    Does anyone know what is going on with cgpeers?

    Closed for good ?

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    me too curios 2 days back i tried to open it , and found nothing , the blog site is still working but tracker isnt
    even no official news about it i found
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      omg Im gonna there any alternative like cgpeers? I dont think was the best site for artists. Im really sad


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        DONT PANIC! ;) Site is only temporarly down, theres a message on the forum

        "Converting Cgpeers database tables, give it some time to finish. Also causes a forced redirect to half of forum users for some reason. Shall be over soon enough."
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          it's just maintenance they will come back up. There was a post in the forums but they are down for maintenance as well now.
          Don't worry, it's just for some days.
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