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Best tracker for Windows / Mac OS / IOS / Android Apps

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  • Best tracker for Windows / Mac OS / IOS / Android Apps

    Which Is The Best Tracker For Windows / Mac OS / IOS / Android Apps...

    I Know There is Warez-bb (Warez Forum) But I Am Looking For A Tacker In Particular For The Above...

    Thankx In Advance...

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    if u want warez for all in one place try IPT or other general trackers( TL,TD, SCC)

    for all mac related products (osx & ios) u could try BrokeStones (its very good)


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      What he said ^^

      You won't find a dedicated win/mac/android only tracker. There are always the general trackers as mentioned above where you'll be able to find a lot of the mainstream stuff on each brand. But if you're looking for a wider selection on more specific stuff I would instead get into the 3 best tracker on each matter. For Mac/ios I can highly recommend BrokenStones. That's an awesome tracker. For windows and android I have absolutely no clue.


      Rub3n \m/


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        IPT is general tracker with huge collection of warez
        however does anyone know better tracker ?
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          as all the above said I really recommend IPT but also brokenstones for all things that you need for your APPLE devices.


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            Mobilism is a really good site for everything to do with mobile devices. Its not a tracker but rather just a forum with a wealth of knowledge and almost every app you can imagine for whatever mobile device you are using. Oh and you can just sign up, no invites needed....


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                just downloaded some MAC apps from kickass, there was url file to some blog. I think