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Torrenting from two IP addresses

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  • Torrenting from two IP addresses

    Is this generally frowned upon by trackers or does it not really matter? Sometimes I'll be on my laptop in a different location while my file server is seeding/leeching at my home. Or what if I wanted to share a torrent with someone I trust without giving them access to my account? I guess there are a number of scenarios.

    Thanks in advance.

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    At most sites this will get your permanently banned, unless one is a registered Seedbox IP.


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      It really depends on the tracker. On most of my trackers, I seed from my seedbox and my laptop at the same time. There have been occasions, while testing seedboxes, where I was seeding from 3 different seedboxes and home pc. Right now, I am seeding from two seedboxes. On some trackers, though, likeTheWickerMan suggested, you have to register your IP. It does no harm to ask each of your trackers about their rules on this matter

      To the best of my knowledge, trackers do not allow 2 or more accounts logging in from the same IP as they consider them dupes.


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        At most sites it's fine from two locations. You might run into problems, if you seed it from location A and then download it again from location B.


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          as long as you do not leech from both locations at the same time you should be ok, also like Cappa said do not ever seed to yourself as this is an automatic ban at most sites
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            Never share a .torrent with anyone, i dont care if they are your friends, you are asking for trouble. It has your passkey in it and you dont want your .torrent files floating around god knows where.
            If the tracker catches you sharing your account with ppl you will be most likely be banned, whether you share a .torrent file or let them connect to the rss or irssi or even log into the actual website it is a big no, no. (I actually had someone from t-i ask me to share one of my .torrent files with them because they were not a member of a tracker and they wanted a torrent from it. I didnt know this guy from a hole in the ground either and he still asked me. Then he couldnt understand why i said no lol!)

            Now i know most trackers do allow you to use a couple ips(sometimes up to three), and they dont allow this so you can share it with a friend. They allow this so that you can connect from your home, and also use a seedbox or a server. (and if you ask most will let you use a vpn). I am also sure they will alow you to seed from home, as well as login to the site from say your collage or university. (If anything just make a note of the ips you will be signing in from in your profile)


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              i have been on trackers that have suggested sharing your account with someone like a roomate or girlfriend rather than keeping 2 accounts that may ever accidently log in from the same IP.. but i think it's something you should send a staff PM about on the site either way just to cover your bases and leave a paper trail in case anything goes wrong as it could be seen as sharing your account and this is one of those things that is actually easier to ask permission than forgiveness

              most important thing you will have to do though is remember that YOU cant download torrents from your house you are seeding at the office or whatever.. can get tricky is there's not a mechanism on your site that tells you if you've gotten a particular torrent

              for downloading from your office/other location to your home network you should in to setting up an FTP server


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                As most members have suggested that most trackers are not usually concerned from seeding from 2 or 3 ip's.

                Where you have to watch and be concerned is shared internet. If you don't report it to staff and they see 2 different accounts on one ip address, say you and your roomate, if not reported they think its a dupe account and ban them.

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                  I just asked IPT if it was cool and they said yes up to 4 places is ok.
                  I use work or my pops house and mine, so far so good on SCC, TL, IPT, And Flux before it disappeared.


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                    Thanks for all of your replies. Between all of you my question was answered very thoroughly.