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cannot find peers for seeding

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  • cannot find peers for seeding

    I have seeds 0(153) and peers 0(28) for one file and have seeds 0(5) and peers 0(1) for the other. Even though one of the files are among the most downloaded ones, i cannot upload. Since i am downloading from private forums, i have to keep a ratio at all times and since i cannot upload, the ratio is getting really low. I am using utorrent 2.2.1. need help.

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    I notice frequently that I'm not seeding even though it shows people leeching. Depending on the type of torrent, it could reflect people who only partially download a torrent. For example, if someone downloads a movie but not the included sample, they will still show as downloading when they really aren't. Same applies to nfo files or anything where someone doesn't download the entire torrent. They are probably seeding but due to not having downloaded the entire torrent, they still show as a leecher.


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      DroppingDeuces is right. Partial seeders are also shown as leechers.

      Second reason for not getting any upload can be that seedbox users are beating you to it..

      and third reason can be that you are not connectable so check you port-forwading settings.
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